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‣ +2.5K followers on Instagram
‣ You have a goal that you are working towards, and/or you have started your own passion project/business 
‣ You post regular content on IG and you interact with your follower


Work with us as an influencer, receive FREE bond jewelry, and get support for your business!

Work with us as an                 , receive FREE bond jewelry, and get support for                      

your business!


The Influencer Program


Free Bond ring, including custom engraving (value of $150) 
‣ We will feature you & your business in a post on all social platforms, with a possibility to be on the website
‣ Optional 30-min connect and goal-setting call with the Founder, Julie Alsayed


2 instagram

2-3 Instagram stories

We encourage you to promote our brand authentically :)

What we ask of you

Let us know what you think by leaving a testimonial on our website.

personal testimonial

‣ In the zone/working away/making magic (whatever that looks like) wearing the bond ring, personal caption focused on your goals, how are you staying committed. 
‣ Photo of you and the bond ring 

2 instagram posts

‣ Un-packaging experience
‣ Talk about the company and what it is 
‣ Your goals & how Bond has supported you (Bond ring, free resources, etc)

2-3 instagram stories

The Details