Your environment & surroundings bring you closer to your goals

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Every action you take is like a vote for the type of person you want to become

We do not rise to the level of our goals, we follow our set of systems

  1. Cue – Make the cues for your good habits obvious and available, visible, easy to see.

It is a visual cue that gets your attention and helps you start a habit, cue’s are more likely to shape your behaviour if they are obvious, and if they catch your attention. 

Putting it in front of you can lead to reminder. If you want a habit to be a part of your life, make the cue a part of your environment. 

  1. Craving – Make it attractive 

Learning to tell ourselves a new story for the things we want to attract. 

(commitment device * Any choice that you make that locks in your behaviour in the future). 

  1. Response – Make it simpler and convenient 

The craving drives the response, this is the action that you take. 

  1. Reward – Make it satisfying 

the ultimate strategy is to build a collection of habits that move you within the direction of your desired identity 

How do we stay consistent? 

  • You maintain the motivation to continue doing it, the process of mastery requires you to get comfortable with boredom, the more you do something the more routine it becomes.. novelty and surprise is decreased. 
  • Make your challenge interesting, and that you are within the bounds of succeeding 
  • Social environment (join groups where the desired behaviour is the normal behaviour). 
  • We all keep eachother stay dedicated
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